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These courses contain all the content and topics needed to create a Tailoring shop. The course is intended for those who want to learn techniques to create tailored clothing and then create their own tailor shop or fashion maison.

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The goal is always the same: to give the best of our own possibilities and skills, to learn as much as possible from every situations, masters and mentor meet along the way , trials and errors, to research and use all the resources at disposal to improve our works and create our own art to give to our Client.

Elegant Design

We are here to create elegance through our suits and clothing. Elegance is a code, or better, a language that is spoken among the people who recognize it, live it, appreciate and value it.

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My Suit No Longer Fits – Does Tailor Michele do Suit Alterations?
Sartoria Michele does custom alterations for different types of suits and Naval Uniforms. Call or Contact Us to schedule an appointment to go over your needs.
Tips When Talking to Your Tailor
If you want to have a custom suit made for you, you need to be willing to communicate all your needs to them.
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