Bespoke Elegance

It’s very hard to describe “elegance” and explain the meaning; A try could be the harmony of grace and simplicity, that reveals cure and good taste without affectation or excessive attention to details; It’s very hard to explain, but very easy to recognize for those who can seize its core.
We are here to create elegance through our suits and clothing. Elegance is a code, or better, a language that is spoken among the people who recognize it, live it, appreciate and value it.
With this meaning, elegance is a language that communicates with no word, that “speaks” with no sound or tone, that syncs us with a stranger who discovers something of us even if we never share a word.
With the experience gathered in many years, we can declare for sure that the style goes beyond every fashion, but every style – to express the complex e profound personality of those who choose it or create it – need to reveal the elegance and balance if one wants to overcome the time test.
We believe that, apart from stereotypes, and far from the common beliefs and social media, elegance is the key for every door that is worth opening. In each and every important and meaningful situation, there is a “secret code” hidden to the majority and obviously evident and clear to the few.

Therefore we strive and commit to make sure all our Clients wear the right suit and outfit for a specific occasion, that helps him to express his personality, reveals the elegance of his own nature, of his own manners and his own thoughts.
We take care of the suits and clothes, for all the rest you’ll make beautifully by yourself.

The followings are the social occasions when we can think about the suits, shirts etc, so you can focus to all the rest:


What is a ceremony indie? It is a moment where a ritual is performed, a rite that changes a person’s life course. There will always be a “before” and “after” this event. For this reason you celebrate this event: you celebrate a day very different from others, a day when you celebrate the path that brings you to that point (before today) and the beginning of the next new path (after today).
We make sure you are gorgeous, elegant and that every accessories and details of your suits is perfect and how it should be: You make sure that the party rocks J and enjoy the “after”.
If it is a wedding, initiation, the long chased price delivery or the launch of something special, take some minutes to smile on the path that brought you here, to imagine the future and enjoy the party!


The suits for Business occasion has a very special place in our hearts, because the success in business relationships is built even on the suits you wear, how you present yourselves and the image you give to your colleagues, clients, prospective clients, competitors, boss and seniors.
When it’s very important to close a deal, to spend hours and hours in meetings, to study tons of data and details working on a M&A, or working on architectural or engineering project, long business trips etc. you have to think and care about everything, and it is and will be hard and demanding, we can take care of your wardrobe to make sure that what you wear and how you present yourself will make its part on the way to your success.
Do not let the hard work be diminished because your appearance does not meet your high standards of work, rather make sure your appearance is a valid, faithful and compelling resource to you. Remember: elegance speaks and communicates with no words, and “speaks” even to those who see you but do not talk to you.


This look and appearance category is specific for those moments in a man’s life different from a ceremony, or business, but different occasions: a romantic appointment, an occasion to develop your social relationship, a cocktail party or a ceremony where you are among the guests and not the key player. In those moments too, elegance we wear in a way that makes you feel good, at your ease, confident and put you in the best possible conditions to let you get the best out of your day or evening.


For many years we are honored to serve the Italian Navy Academy to make the Uniforms and Historic Navy Uniform.
Italian Navy surely distinguishes for many reasons, values and untiring commitment, all of which are fundamental and vital to Italy.
At the same time it is distinguished for elegance and appearance, well known all around the World.