Our Philosophy


How we wear, how we present to others and how we see ourselves are choices that shows what we think and how we are making our choices. Do we pay attention or are we superficial? Do we abandon ourselves to nihilism, or we believe that all our choices are important because their express who we are.

I do not mean empty beauty, esthetic for its own sake, but I mean care, attention for all we do, to strive, reach for and create in order to give our best. Always.

The study of philosophy, the reading of author who tell eternal stories of human events and lives, the human nature, the poets works that tells the eternal humans challenges, choices and internal conflicts. I believe we decide – everyday – who we are and who we want to be; do we surrender to cultural and external stress input, or do we hold faithful and tight to our plans, projects, purposes and passions? Our choices define who we are, not once for all, but everyday: the choices of our past and future define our path in life.

The choices of how and what to wear, is one of the choice that define who we are. Looking good, feeling good in the cloths we choose because we try to give our best, makes us feel better and give us back a bright image or ourselves. We can use the value of these choices even in the relationships with others. Elegance is a message, we’ll never have a second chance to make a good first impression, and we all give credit to our first impression. This is fundamental in personal , romantic and business relationship. A suit, especially, a on measure suit, is a code, a message that get directly into our most inner cultural and psychological part. It shows a character, choices and ambitions.

Socially and historically, humans has always used aesthetic symbols to distinguish themselves from others, and almost always humans used clothing and accessories. Wearing it in a specific way shows our choices and ambitions. A sincere and beautiful smile is the best way to meet a person, along with a handshake, or a salute showing hand (empty hand historically, culturally and socially means “no worry I’m in peace”) are code. A code accepted worldwide. All these are gestures and codes used for millenniums, and are part of our instinctive, psychological and social reaction and judgment.

A suit and how we look are part of all this.

We study a lot psychology and sociology in order to make our suit even better and special. A suit must wear a body and make the mind feel good and help our path to personal and social success. To do that we study styles, materials, accessories, patterns and we study anatomy too. The body measurements, the circumference and the length are all differently distributed across the body itself. The very same number in centimeter tells a very different story on someone else’s body. Every other body has its own measurements.

In this sense the anatomy study is fundamental, maybe we are the only tailor company and fashion maison that study it, and it makes all the difference in the World.