Social Responsibility

social responsibility
We firmly believe that a business company – even the smallest like us – must act responsibly in the community and in the market.
With this in mind we are committed to limit at the minimum every waste of energy or material, we donate l the non sold clothing at the end of the season, we select our supplier to make sure that the materials and accessories we use are eco-friendly and make sure that they – like us – guarantee the highest possible standard in workplace.
We strive to make ourselves useful in any possible way: making and donating thousands of masks during the hardest lockdown in march and April 2020 when there was a mask shortage even in the hospitals and among the military; or making and donating covers or accessories for UTIN (Intensive therapy unit) here in Perugia.
Making all our best in the community is as important as giving our best to our clients.
We work hard daily, and in 2021 we started the path that will let us verify all we do using the blockchain technology: this will guarantee the origin of every clothing, the manufacturing, the material origin, the compliance of the best practice ad standard in the working condition (in our company and in our suppliers companies )
Social Responsibiltiy